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Module 1
Ecommerce Business Plans 

We can help you write compelling business plans to turn dreams and ideas into tangible assets, visualise your journey, attract investment and provide confidence to the banks. 

We offer templates and custom built plans for any Ecommerce business model and situation.

Module 2

We help you find the WOW, the DNA that helps you stand out from the crowd. It's your USP and your point of difference. 

And one of the most important factors when discussing multiples of earnings/EBITDA with potential acquirers down the line. 

Module 3
Customer Service

Do you know how to acquire and retain customers? It's not just about product proposition. To succeed you need to know what outstanding customer service looks like and how it forms a key part of your overall brand proposition.   

Be an award winning Ecommerce site that puts customers front and centre. It's not only business critical, it should form an essential part of your Company Culture.  



Module 4
Company Culture

Company Culture is not just about Customer Service. Creating a productive and fun company culture is business critical and it means delivering 'Wow' in every aspect of your business, from your own teams happiness through to the trust you place and share with your suppliers and service providers. 

It's the cornerstone of every successful business and its a real focus of ours. 

Module 5
Business Models 

Are you a Drop Ship, In Stock or Own Brand Business? Or perhaps a hybrid of all three? Have you got the ratios right to succeed? 

Are you multichannel or omnichannel? What's the difference?

We help you understand the pros and cons of all these models and how to achieve the right balance in order to improve your bottom line. 


Module 6
Marketing & SEO

Once you've established your products, your brand and your company culture... the easy part is over! Do you know your route to market? How do you plan to market your business and sell your products? 

We are well versed and connected in this space, we review and analyse each channel and every traffic source to help you find the most profitable routes to market from PR to Influencer Outreach, Social Channels and Affiliates to knowing the difference in PPC search campaigns vs PPC shopping campaigns (with a sustainable Return On Ad Spend/ROAS!). We also possess an indepth understanding of Search Marketing & SEO. 



Module 7

You now have traffic coming into your site. But what is this traffic's exact origin and what is it doing when it arrives on your site? And how can you scale this up? If you don't know, you cannot measure it and you cannot improve it and you will struggle to grow. How do you know if your marketing budget is providing a good ROI? Every penny counts and Etail is Detail! 

We are highly skilled at analysing traffic sources and maximising budgets

Module 8
Searchandising & CRO 

Excellent, we now know where the traffic is coming from but do we know what it does when it arrives on your site? Is the customer journey, barrier free? Is there a good conversion rate or a high bounce rate? What does your checkout funnel look like? 

We analyse your entire site to find the drop off points as well as the opportunities, the quick wins and the not so quick wins to enhance the overall customer experience and improve your conversion rate. 

CRO is about incremental gains and it should be as important a 'to-do' as delivering product and services to your customers.  


Module 9
Fulfillment & 3PL's

How much are you paying for your picking and packing operations and your delivery services? Do you have the right 3PL partner? Do you or could you do it yourself? 

Is regular stock taking happening? What does your aged stock report look like? How much is aged stock actually costing you? Is there a dedicated area for returns and quarantined stock and how does it affect my bottom line? 

It feels like a minefield and its one of the most stressful parts of running a successful online business. If you get it wrong, it not only affects your bottom line but your work life balance!  


Module 10
Supplier Relationships & Margin

Part of a successful company culture is to treat your suppliers with the care and respect they deserve but it's also important you both succeed and you don't begrudge each other a profit. 

Put simply, if you are not achieving over 35% margin from your suppliers it will be very difficult to succeed. If you are importing own brand products from around the world this margin should be well above 50%. We can explain why in great detail with many case studies to back up these facts. 


Module 11
P&L Forecasting & Accounts 

Never has the expression 'pay peanuts and get monkeys' rung so true. Make sure you have A GOOD ACCOUNTANT, FD and Bookkeeper! 

You should be receiving a flash P&L or management accounts within a week of each month end. How can you forecast ahead, plan and pivot if you don't have accurate information on hand to make informed decisions? 

We can recommend and set you up with a good FD to help you accurately forecast revenue and cash flow so you can calmly navigate the road ahead. 

It's business critical you understand the relationship between the 3 levers (T/O, GP and Overheads). 


Module 12
Getting the Work Life Balance Right

This was supposed to be fun! 

There is no point in running your own business if you are too stressed to enjoy it. 

We can help you embrace the challenges, turn nerves to excitement, and switch off at 5pm each and every day. 

Become the observer of your thoughts rather than the thoughts themselves. 



Plan A

Tailored 1 Hour
Business Coaching

Personalized 1 Hour Coaching Sessions to Enhance Leadership Skills and Drive Success in your Role as an Ecommerce Managing Director.

First Hour - FREE

Start-ups (<2 years) - £90/Hour

SME's (>2 years) - £120/hour

Plan B

Strategic 1-3 Day
Consultancy Services

Expert 1-3 Day Consultancy to Develop Effective Ecommerce Strategies, Increase Traffic, Decrease Bounce Rates and Optimize Online Performance.


Plan C

Detailed 6 Month 
Ecommerce Mentoring 
Program including CRO Strategy & Roll Out. 

Comprehensive 6 Month Mentoring Program to Improve All End to End Ecommerce Activities, with a Focus on CRO. Increase Productivity & Profit Margin & Achieve a Stress Free Work Life Balance.




Sweat Equity Consultation 

Sweat Equity Consultation is a payment plan where we put the work and effort into a business in lieu of being paid. It's about us contributing time, energy, experience, and skills instead of receiving payment and for this, a small percentage of shares are offered to us in the business we're commited to.  

It's risky for us but because we believe in what we do, it's our preferred option in many cases. 

This means no financial outlay for our client (so zero risk for our clients) and if we can 'Dream Big and Work Smart Together' then payment is received when the business is either sold on (so at exit time) or the business could exercise an option to buy back these shares once the business reaches a predetermined EBITDA.  

Clients however must qualify for this Plan. To begin the qualification process, kindly complete the form below. 

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